What is your vision of Groningen?


Groningen is growing fast. In 10-15 years’ time, the Municipality of Groningen will have grown by a quarter to perhaps 250,000 inhabitants. This means a very solid development task: a lot has to be done in scarce space. It is therefore important to find the right balance between different functions, interests and wishes.

In anticipation of the municipal redivision on 1 January 2019, we are therefore working on a Strategic plan for the current municipality of Groningen. This vision contains strategic choices for the future development of the city, with the emphasis on the physical living environment.

Your opinion counts!
We invite you to add your ideas and join the conversation about the future of Groningen. You can download the latest document, the Strategic plan – draft, here. The previous documents are also available online: the Starting document (2016) and the Strategic course (2017). For news and contributions from other Groningers visit the page ‘In the spotlight’. You can contact us via hoeziejijstad@groningen.nl.